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TRACER 5 family of portable XRF spectrometers


Place of Origin:Germany

Model:Tracer 5i

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Handheld XRF for cutting-edge researchers

The TRACER 5 pXRF spectrometer; ideal for Methods Development, Research and Complex Materials.

Please visit the Technical Details page for specifications or contact our application scientists to discuss how the TRACER 5 can work for your application.

TRACER 5 is the high value in-situ pXRF performer synchronizing power, function, precision and accuracy for dynamic, field capable laboratory-like elemental analysis.


Complete user control

TRACER 5 User Input screen

The TRACER 5 allows complete user control of the excitation conditions. These can be developed using recommended settings in the software or user preferences.

·  Current

·  Voltage

·  Automated filter

·  Manual filter

·  Sample spot size

·  Vacuum, Helium or air

The TRACER 5 settings and measurements can be controlled on the handheld or with Artax™ advanced spectral analysis PC software, via WiFi or USB.


Matrix Matched Calibrations

EasyCal software

Users can also develop their own calibrations with EasyCal PC software for empirical correlations. These can be transferred to the TRACER 5 for point-and-shoot tests. Moreover, as the calibration is revised and improved, previously collected data can be recalculated with no need to remeasure samples.


Applications & Materials:

       TRACER pXRF analyzers serve a wide range of applications and material needs from everyday point-and-shoot testing to the ever-changing complexities of advanced applications and research.

       Whether it is in art conservation and archaeology, for teaching, in food safety and agriculture applications, for geochemistry or advanced materials, TRACERs can thoroughly and accurately analyze the elemental composition and identify standard or complex materials.

       TRACERs can analyze multiple sample types, including liquids, slurries, powders, soils, sediment, sludge, cellulose, polymers, paper, solids, metals and alloys.



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