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The Instrument of Choice for Highly Sensitive and Non-Destructive Element Analysis — Now with New Key Features

       Micro X ray fluorescence analysis technology is the preferred method for non-destructive elemental analysis of samples, the uneven irregular sample, even small samples and inclusions of high sensitivity, the. Multi channel capillary focusing mirror excitation light is focused to very small areas, the spatial resolution was excellent, quick analysis. Any type of sample can be achieved by simple sample preparation is not even prepared for direct analysis.M4 TORNADO the use of the new technology, provides the performance analysis of optimum and very convenient operation for users.
·  Multi channel capillary focusing mirror, laser spot minimum, the highest spatial resolution.
·  The growth of X-Y-Z sample table, obtaining a sample image quality with the camera system magnification variable, for distribution analysis of elements in "flight".
·  X ray high intensity of light pipe and multi-channel capillary focusing lens combination, to ensure access to the excitation intensity is very high in the irradiated area is very small. Using filters and can be used simultaneously with different target double light tube, can according to different requirements analysis, optimization of excitation spectra.
·  The use of XFlash ® ultra high speed acquisition of detector samples, in addition, the use of multiple detectors can further improve the measurement speed.
·  Using standardless analysis of bulk samples analysis accurate quantitative, accurate analysis of multilayer film sample.
·  The sample chamber vacuum equipped with automatic doors, sample room size can be placed samples of various sizes. Through the two magnification variable camera system observation samples (meticulous observation, observation and analysis of the whole region), convenient sampling function and automatic focusing function can be fast and accurate positioning. The X-Y-Z sample table to run the program edited by users can realize the repeated measurements.


The Variety of Application Fields

Electronic components analysis
Solar cell analysis
Biological technology analysis
Particle size analysis
Analysis of geological samples
Paint analysis
Analysis of low alloy steels
Archaeological analysisThe sample types: solid, liquid, granule, multilayer films



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